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Google Analytics E-Commerce Tracking is now Active!

 by brian on 30 Oct 2012 |
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Google Analytics E-commerce tracking has just been launched today. With this feature you will be able to track detailed information about the orders placed in your website and be able to measure the ROI of your marketing spend better.  

In order to start seeing your sales on Google Analytics all you need to do is to enable google analytics from the Google Analytics Admin Panel. Here's how;

1. Click the Admin tab at the top right of any screen in Analytics. If you are not already on the account administration screen, click the 'All Accounts' link at the top left, just below the menu bar.

2. Click the name of the account and then the name of the property that has the profile you want to enable Ecommerce Tracking for. If you have a lot of accounts or properties, use the drop down search box in the top left of the menu bar and type to search.

3. Use the 'Profile' drop down menu to select the profile you want.

4. Click the 'Profile Settings' tab.

5. Under the E-Commerce Settings section, select 'Yes, an E-Commerce Site/App'.

6. Click 'Apply'.

Here's some recommended reading on Google Analytics E-commerce tracking to get you up to speed;

Google Analytics E-commerce Tracking Why Everyone Should Use It - Justin Cutroni
The Benefits of Using Google Analytics for Ecommerce Tracking -

Note: E-commerce reports will only be tracked after the time you enable e-commerce tracking. It's not possibe to retreive the past transaction data. 

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