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MYOB integration

 by brian on 12 Apr 2011 |
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We're looking for testers for the new seamless MYOB integration software.

This software directly integrates so your sales data is fed to and from MYOB accountright and accountplus packages. All customer, product and sale information is updated along with stock levels so managing your business accounts is made fast and easy. Pricing is still in discussion.

If you have either the accountright and accountplus MYOB packages and you are interested in using this software with your store, please contact Brian via your admin dashboard tickets so we can set you up for initial testing.

(You must have an active store with sales history.)


Watersweet - Comment
Watersweet12 Apr 2011Reply
Hi Brian,

We run Myob AccountRight Plus.

Happy to run a trial on for the new seamless MYOB integration software

What cost is envisaged for this product.

I have been using a Beta Version of Transpost by Cadro Software for eBay sales and it works ok.


Gary Janke
Maria - Comment
Maria12 Apr 2011Reply
i would be interested in trialling the new MYOB integration software.

John Anderson - Comment
John Anderson12 Apr 2011Reply
I would like to try
Brian - Comment
Brian12 Apr 2011Reply
Thanks for your interest,

It's currently in testing phase with a few pre-registered merchants.
In terms of cost, nothing has been agreed yet, however the idea is a once of payment of roughly $300 (please don't quote me on that, just trying to give you a guide)

I'll be posting a newsletter out once it's all ready. Certainly if they request more testers then we'll be in contact with you.
Mark Riley - Comment
Mark Riley27 Apr 2011Reply
We have AccountRight Premier and a Web store and would be interested to try this
Brian - Comment
Brian16 May 2011Reply
Thanks Mark, sorry for the late reply.

Please send an email to us via and we'll get things started for you.
mashmaster - Comment
mashmaster06 Jun 2011Reply
MYOB integration would put you way ahead of the competition, dont charge extra for it (although people will probably pay it) but having it as standard would kick ass. If you do that you are really selling a turn key ecommence and account website. You should offer special MYOB pricing on the software and get your money from selling more MYOB software.
Des - Comment
Des19 Sep 2011Reply
MYOB when intergrated to our eBay store would be a big boom for us to save duplicating our date. We would be interested to look at how we can best sort this
Brian - Comment
Brian19 Sep 2011Reply
Thanks Des,

We're half way through building the Ebay integration and we've had to start with a new company for the MYOB integration. When the two are live it would work well together as you mentioned.
Jim - Comment
Jim17 May 2015Reply
I know this is old, but has this been done. I have two ashop stores and use myob

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